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What is Landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is a policy to cover a property owner from financial losses connected with their property which they let out. Predominantly, a landlord insurance policy will cover the building itself with the option of including the contents left within. Landlords Insurance is different from standard Home Buildings and contents Insurance. Most standard Home Insurance policies do not cover many of the specific contingencies required of Landlords Insurance. There are many particular insurance covers within a Property Owners Policy such as Property Owners Liability Insurance, this is cover for the Landlord or Property Owner. This protection will cover for injury to the general Public, as part of the Landlords buildings Insurance Policy. For instance, a common claim could be where an old roofing tile comes loose in a storm and hits either a person or a third party’s property. In such a case as this it is then the Property Owners Liability Insurance, which is part of the cover that JustQuoteMe Landlords Insurance provides, comes into its own.

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